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22nd November 08 Net

A few minutes before 9pm the 1st net since this site launched started. John G4NHO was telling the group about the new website.

And boy was I feeling ashamed as about 7pm I raised an incident with the webhost about slow loading of the site. Well after 3 hours of the net, it finally was restored to normal speed about midnight.

On the net tonight in alpha order:-

  • 2EØBPU Nick
  • GØKRT Eric
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G4NHO John
  • G7ELZ Trevor
  • MØBOV James
  • MØTZO Paul
  • M3URZ Carl
  • M3XEI Wolfgang
  • M6DJM Derek
  • M6MAN Kevin
    • Sorry if I missed anyone or details are incorrect!

    Some of the topics discussed were this website (10metre.net), HF Antennas, HF Radios, Broadband over powerlines, streaming videos and Mini notebooks.

    Thanks to all who joined in and to any listeners. If you did listen in, please feel free to add a comment.

    Videos added after the break for this net.

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10M Net website – Who are we and what do we do?

You’ve stumbled upon a simple homepage for the Home Counties Net, we meet on 28.5Mhz USB each Saturday evening at 9pm local time. With anything up to 8 or more stations, your assured to be in good company. Its a very informal group, we chat about anything, often testing out our new kit. If your newly licensed, do give us a call.

This webpage started off from a suggestion I made to the Net Controller, John G4NHO. We often get people asking for info on the net, sometimes DX stations here about us from word of mouth. There will be a visitors book on-line shortly to give you the chance to leave a greeting or ask a question if your not able to join us.

Our homepage is an ideal way to keep in touch until the E Season starts again! There will also be a short biography for each of the regulars so you can picture who your talking to and help you feel more welcome.

The Net Controller and often the strongest station is John G4NHO, more from him later but normally he runs the net from a car park at Epsom Downs, he switches from QRP to around 400W, we always leave long pauses for break stations.

Please keep checking this site for updates and don’t forget to join us next Saturday!!!

James M0BOV WebEditor