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Log of 5th June 2010

  • 2E0BPU Nick
  • G1SKR Eddie
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G3ZMF Frank
  • G4DFA Tom
  • G4NHO John
  • G6LTT Ron
  • G7CRQ Adam
  • G7ELZ Trevor
  • M0TZO Paul
  • M0UJC Jim
  • M0YAZ Graham

Note:- This log was verbally supplied by John G4NHO as I was late getting on the net.

So, I’ve finally got back on the air with my HF antenna pointing skywards.

When the strong storms were happening in December I deliberately took the antenna down, with the plan of a few weeks later putting it back up with the new guying kit. But at first I didn’t count on cold weather, snow & then finding someone to help me.

Finally near end of April, my Sister’s boyfriend helped me raise the antenna and guy it. Was a few weeks before I made any QSOs, but I’m back and should hopefully call in to the 10m net regular like I used to.