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14th February 2009 Net report

  • 2E0BPU Nick
  • 2E0ESU
  • 2E0RGP/m Richard
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G3ZMF Frank
  • G4BSQ Al
  • G4NHO/m John (All 3 at Epsom Downs Car Park)
    • 2E0WOL Wolfgang
    • G1SKR Eddie
  • G7CRQ Adam
  • M0TZO Paul
  • M0YEL Carl

Listening tonight without Notch Filter and get the 28.500 tone between 28.498.40 – 28.504.00

Usually disclaimer:- Sorry if I missed your callsign, or messed it up. Comment and let me know if I have.

Report of 17th Jan 2009

Been a little lacking in the net reports, but lets try to keep up this momentum.

So tonight we had the following stations call into the net (in alpha order):-

  • 2EØESU Mike
  • 2EØWOL Wolfgang
  • GØDLP Peter
  • G1SKR Eddie
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G1UBV Nick
  • G4DFA Tom
  • G4NHO John
  • G6DTW Alvin
  • G7CRQ Adam
  • G7ELZ Trevor
  • MØTZO Paul
  • MØUJC Jim
  • M3HAA Gary

As usual we apologise if we have forgetten to mention anyone