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Log of 5th June 2010

  • 2E0BPU Nick
  • G1SKR Eddie
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G3ZMF Frank
  • G4DFA Tom
  • G4NHO John
  • G6LTT Ron
  • G7CRQ Adam
  • G7ELZ Trevor
  • M0TZO Paul
  • M0UJC Jim
  • M0YAZ Graham

Note:- This log was verbally supplied by John G4NHO as I was late getting on the net.

So, I’ve finally got back on the air with my HF antenna pointing skywards.

When the strong storms were happening in December I deliberately took the antenna down, with the plan of a few weeks later putting it back up with the new guying kit. But at first I didn’t count on cold weather, snow & then finding someone to help me.

Finally near end of April, my Sister’s boyfriend helped me raise the antenna and guy it. Was a few weeks before I made any QSOs, but I’m back and should hopefully call in to the 10m net regular like I used to.

14th February 2009 Net report

  • 2E0BPU Nick
  • 2E0ESU
  • 2E0RGP/m Richard
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G3ZMF Frank
  • G4BSQ Al
  • G4NHO/m John (All 3 at Epsom Downs Car Park)
    • 2E0WOL Wolfgang
    • G1SKR Eddie
  • G7CRQ Adam
  • M0TZO Paul
  • M0YEL Carl

Listening tonight without Notch Filter and get the 28.500 tone between 28.498.40 – 28.504.00

Usually disclaimer:- Sorry if I missed your callsign, or messed it up. Comment and let me know if I have.

John 2E0MOC’s report for Sat 13th Dec

Hi Guys,

Another good Saturday night net yet again, with many stations calling in my count was 12 uk stations.

  • G4NHO/m mobile net controller based on Epsom Downs
  • G7CRQ
  • 2E0MOC
  • M3XEI
  • 2E0BPU
  • 2E0BTH
  • G7TSH
  • M0CLG
  • G7ELZ
  • 2E0BSL
  • M0NDN
  • 2E0NOC

Also John G4NHO & Trevor G7ELZ worked a contest station IS0SWW from Sardinia giving him a couple of points.

The net now getting very popular with local hams calling from all over the county and ending in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Keep up the good work of keep 10 Metres alive see you all soon.

2E0MOC John

29th November 08 Net Log

Log book from M0TZO

  • G1SKR Eddie (Mainly Rx)
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G0KRT Eric
  • 2EØBPU Nick
  • G7CRQ Adam
  • MØBOV James (Was Mobile & then from home QTH)
  • G4JSW Harry
  • MØNDN Alex
  • MØUJC Jim
  • M3XEI Wolfgang
  • 2EØMOC John (Now a Granddad, Congratulations John)
  • G1HRD Vince
  • G3OLX John
  • MØTZO Paul
  • M6MAR Martin
    • Sorry if we missed anyone or details are incorrect!

At about 11pm, the Net changed mode to FM instead of SSB.

Net Report for 29th Nov

A fairly busy net which was still going when I arrived home! Ok, well from the BOV mobile shack I worked Carlos G1UAI, 2E0BPU (Alex I think), Vince M0CBR who made a return to the net and also Wolfgang with a super signal. John G3OLX also appeared just after I had packed up and there may have been one or two other stations on.

I had a chat with Adam CRQ on the Pre Net Net on FM, later in the net he helped me compare my two mobile antennas.

John was in the car park with me and was having a good QSO on 2M whilst I was on the FM net. We observed some strange manouvers from someone driving a car with their lights off, otherwise a resonable evening.

If you heard us on, or have a report or request to maybe try another mode before, after or during(!) the net, let us know by using the guestbook. If you want to say hi but don’t have 10M, give a shout on GB3NS.

James M0BOV