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(27) LaurenceFlo
Mon, 19 October 2009 12:07:15 +0000

Frank ZMF introduced me to the site! Greeting from near Beijing - Laurence G4DMA aka KL1X/BY3A Tianjin Om89UA

(26) Keith
Sat, 20 June 2009 22:10:53 +0000

Hi all good to hear you all on 28.600 tonight (20th June) will listen out for you all again another time
best 73 to you all and thanks for making me feel welcome into your net
cheers Keith M1VHT N.E. England

(25) Jon EI7GNB
Sat, 6 June 2009 20:52:54 +0000

Top o' the evening to you all! Nice website, found it while looking for 10m related sites.

73, Jon EI7GNB

(24) Dave G3ZXX
Sat, 30 May 2009 14:36:09 +0000

Hi All,

Just searching the web, and found your site.

Note that you do some FM contacts, so I thought that you may be interested to know that we are currently building a 10m / 6m cross-band repeater, to be sited in South Wiltshire.

All info on the group web site:

Cheers & 73's
Dave G3ZXX

(23) Myrton N1GKE
Fri, 22 May 2009 02:15:36 +0000

Greetings from Rhode Island, USA.
I'm glad to have found this 10 Meter Net web site.

Recently I have also found the HamInfoBar from John (G0DPC) and Yvonne (M6BUN) to be most helpful. I especially enjoy Tony's (G4CJC) weekly ten meter report and have sent several reports from the US.
I pay very close attention to the solar terrestrial weather conditions and the effects on all bands, from the VLF/ULF frequencies through VHF/UHF.
One of my favorite bands is ten meters and I monitor this band several times during the day and or night when time allows. I log all stations and modes heard and send as much information to Tony as possible.

I would like to bring to your attention a new PSK31 net for those folks interested in the digital modes. It is operating from near Phoenix, Arizona and the net manager is Vinny (N1LQJ).

An excerpt from Vinny's email:

Net Details
Ok, no foreign check ins to the net as of yet, although net is 400 km
north of the Mexican Border and Mexican check ins are likely as sporadic
E increases.
Freq is 28.121.0 to 28.122.0 Mhz (28.120.0 USB)
Arizona Time is UTC-7, we do not observer DST in this state.
Net is 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Tuesdays of the Month at (1930Z(AZ) or
0230 UTC Wednesday Mornings If Tuesday was ie the 1st, 2nd, 4th or 5th.
Net Control is N1LQJ
Backup Net Control is N0FPE (By advanced request only)
AA7QK Nick Mesa AZ -- DM43
AC6N Claude Reno NV -- DM09bm (985km)
KD7FPK Dave GARDNERVILLE, NV 89460 -- DM08dv (Carson City Area) (925km)

K7VG Mike Mesa, AZ (Heard 200 HZ down, but no check in, did remark of
checking into future nets)
Many 73 for now and I hope to hear many folks from the UK on ten meters very soon. C.W. prefered of course, but I also enjoy S.S.B. and FM.

Also, many stations seem to hang around 28.400 USB most evenings.
'FARTS' can be found on 28.020 c.w. and speed is fine.
FARTS = Fraternal Amateur Radio Telegraphers Society.

Until next time, very 73 and good DX to all.

Myrton - N1GKE -

"Find solutions, not fault."

(22) Adam
Sat, 9 May 2009 10:45:11 +0000

Hi all just to remind all that there is a pre ten meter net on FM from 8.30 to 9.00 local time.
cheers Adam

(21) Michael Stewart G4RNW
Sun, 12 April 2009 21:29:20 +0000

Hi, I am:-
Michael Stewart
Bushey Heath
020 8950 0658
Member of Edgware & District RS

IC-756 Pro 111
Yaesu 1802 and 5/8th co-linear.
Doublet 120ft. Approx.- long wire 120ft.Approx. HyGain 18AVT vertical plus a separate dipole for 6metres.

I listened on Sat 11th. for the first time. Could just about hear your call M0BOV plus I could hear G4NHO about 5/2 but better with pre- amp on. He was the best. Was aware of other stations in net but all unintelligible. A little disappointed. I know that 28Mhz. is not much of a band for ground wave but I had hoped for better. It may be the there is no-one near enough to me on your Sat net. I would imagine that G1UAI would be audible but I understand he wasn't on that night.

The doublet was hopeless. End fed wire a little better (That is where I heard your call sign) but best was the vertical for G4NHO. My QTH is about 450ft ASL with a.good take off to the N & NE. I will listen again on another Sat evening and if I hear G4NHO, or anyone else loud enough, I shall call in.

Unlike most of you guys, I do not come from a technical background. My work was in Marketing. I got my licence in 1982 by learning the two recommended books from the RSGB, 'OFF BY HEART ' and then with the assistance of a Datong morse synthesiser I passed my morse approx three months after the C & G credits arrived. - Yes, I was amazed and so were all my friends and family who initially thought it all a bit of a joke. I started studying the written stuff in Feb. '82 and had my full licence - G4RNW by that Nov. So everything I have learned since then has been by trial and error or listeneing to advice from the local 'Experts' not all of which I fully understood.

I was QRT from 1997 when I moved from Welwyn to Bushey Heath, until early 2006 when I joined Edgware (A very nice crowd) My first rig was a Trio/kenwood TS830s which I sold last year soon after I acquired the Pro111 I have been retired now for about 8 years.

Best Regards
73 de

Mike Stewart

(20) Dave - G0GQP
Sat, 11 April 2009 21:10:47 +0000

Hi John & all on the 10 meter net
Very nice to hook up with you John, it's a shame that I could'nt hear any of the other stations in the group.
hopefully one saturday I will get organized, and park up on my local molehill.
Best Wishes to you all, and keep up the good work.
73 de Dave - Golf Zero Good Quality Person.

(19) DAVE
Sun, 15 March 2009 17:13:56 +0000

RE TONE in wickford,essex

(18) Mark
Fri, 13 March 2009 00:10:07 +0000

Only Just found out about your net on 10mtrs I will have a listen out for you guys not sure I will hear much up here in Stoke on Trent but I will monitor Sat night and see what's happening.
Good luck and 73 from Mark G0NMY

(17) Tony G4CJC
Wed, 11 March 2009 12:37:17 +0000

Hi guys. Have publicised this website in my article on the Southgate ARC website at
Thanks to Dave M5ADX for the info. I will try to join you on Saturdays but it's not a good night for me.

(16) Phil Manning G1LKJ
Sat, 7 March 2009 21:15:36 +0000

I have a birdy on 28.5 so I am unable to hear anything other then a constant tone. The radio I am using is a Yaesu FT847. Even my Icom PCR1000 is unable to hear anything.


(15) Phil Manning
Sat, 7 March 2009 20:44:41 +0000

Hi Chaps, Phil G1LKJ interested in getting involved but unable to join you on 10m ssb from this qth.


Gravatar (14) Paul Gibson MØTZO
Mon, 23 February 2009 17:19:05 +0000

Sorry, moved a couple of Guestbook type posts from Comments to the Guestbook. Sorry the order is a little skewif.

Thanks for all the positive words, and hope the conditions will improve to a point we can work you all soon.

73 Paul M0TZO

(13) Melvyn
Sun, 23 November 2008 01:49:01 +0000

Hi well done on getting the site up and running, I will pass on the Addy.

Maybe it might be a good idea to post the link on your QRZ page.

Hope to chat on 10m soon 73s G4MOF...

(12) Dave.. G4KHF
Sun, 22 February 2009 18:49:01 +0000

Hi there..
Just scanning through and came across your 10 Metre site.. Nice to see 10 metres is alive and well down there.. Location here is South Lincs..
keep up 10 metres..
Hope to come across you when propagation returns..
Dave G4KHF CM GBTEN Chapter of 10/10 International

(11) Dave
Mon, 23 February 2009 07:55:22 +0000

Hi there
I just discovered your 10m net site via Lamco,s junksale forum, i will be listening this coming Saturday from Wickford in Essex i have a vertical at 30ft with 100 watts so i,m hoping some of you guys are using vertical polarization ..i do have a 4 ele o.w.a.beam being built..hope i can make it down to you.

Dave M5ADX

(10) M6OOX
Sat, 21 February 2009 21:56:06 +0000

Hi chaps listening in (via Skype)!!!!!!

Gravatar (9) Paul MØTZO
Mon, 12 January 2009 01:18:43 +0000

Hi All, Listened in on Saturday 10th Jan, but was halfway through another task so didn't join in.

Hopefully will be on next weekend, and I have updated the countdowns as they had both run out.

Will possibly try to get a form so you can post reports from the net without having to sign up.



(8) wayne M6MUF
Mon, 5 January 2009 12:12:37 +0000

hi guys great job on getting a web link up and running great idea well ill try and come in on the net this weekend and give a thew reports i can hear most of you from my home qth in kingston so see ya saturday night if not ill be earwigging on line
till then 73s and keep up the good work

wayne M6MUF