2014 and site is still here

I can’t operate on 10m myself right now, but if anyone wants to still check if net is still running, and give me feedback please let me know.

London & Home Counties 10m Net – The Comeback Tour

Was talking to James M0BOV about trying to get the 10m net going again.

So we were thinking of trying this Saturday 14th May 8pm (Local), and see how it goes.

I’ve been told some of the old regulars don’t come on now, but hopefully can get some interest.

Will be 8pm onwards on 28.500MHz and we’ll ± 5KHz as normally some local noise on 28.5 exactly.

Would love for people further afield to try to call in as well.

Log of 5th June 2010

  • 2E0BPU Nick
  • G1SKR Eddie
  • G1UAI Carlos
  • G3ZMF Frank
  • G4DFA Tom
  • G4NHO John
  • G6LTT Ron
  • G7CRQ Adam
  • G7ELZ Trevor
  • M0TZO Paul
  • M0UJC Jim
  • M0YAZ Graham

Note:- This log was verbally supplied by John G4NHO as I was late getting on the net.

So, I’ve finally got back on the air with my HF antenna pointing skywards.

When the strong storms were happening in December I deliberately took the antenna down, with the plan of a few weeks later putting it back up with the new guying kit. But at first I didn’t count on cold weather, snow & then finding someone to help me.

Finally near end of April, my Sister’s boyfriend helped me raise the antenna and guy it. Was a few weeks before I made any QSOs, but I’m back and should hopefully call in to the 10m net regular like I used to.

Net Report for 31st October 2009

Been a while since updating the web site, so here is the report for this evening.

  • G0KRT Eric
  • G1SKR Eddie
  • G4NHO John
  • G8AAI Mike
  • MØBOV James
  • MØTZO Paul
  • M6HVS Brian


52jota_logo_hires_imagelargeBit late I know, should have posted weeks ago, but over the 52nd Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) weekend on 17 and 18 October 2009, I worked the 10Metre Net from the Scout Hall in Banstead.

I called in and was then delayed by the Chinese meal arriving, but I returned about 30 minutes later and worked those that were on the net.

Unfortunately, I didn’t copy the log, so apart from John G4NHO & Carlos G1UAI, I can’t recall who else was on, but thank you for the contacts.

The weekend was well attended by Cubs, Scouts, and Brownies from local groups and after a short presentation about what they would be doing, were split into groups. We had a morning and afternoon session each day.

Amongst the activities were building a small kit that played Christmas tunes, morse code practice, learning phonetics, VHF & HF contact using the GB4BDC callsign. Saturday was busiest day for numbers that came along, and some of the youngsters did the activities to earn their communication badges. Congratulations to those that did.